How credible is this message?

I have applied for a pre-paid purchase(A9 Zmaster) on Alibaba website from a reliable company on the site more than one month ago and the delivery date from 11 th of September

I got this message how credible is it?

( How are you ?
Still now Innosilicon still no send the machine ,
I think may be need 9-10th, now one day only 31-38usd , in few days about have 10000 unit z9 mini and a9 come, the profits will down very big , i think may 20-25usd in few days ,
after one month i think only 15-20usd! My boss tell me you can cancel the order because he didn’t want have trouble in future! If you still want , we will send , it also no problem)

Insillicon and Bitmain have both flat out said the only legitimate place to buy their equipment is from them. If you buy it from somewhere else you are probably going to get scammed.

When Alibaba starts asking you to wire transfer the funds, you know its a scam