How do i use my zCash stored in JAXX?

Hello, i have mined about 0.07 zCash, I want to start using it. how do I actually use it in the real world(amazon, steam, PayPal etc.)?

You opened a ticket in support asking how you can spend Zcash?? Sigh

btw there are multiple threads in the forums in reference to your question

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ok ill look for it on the forum, thanks!

UPDATE: I didn’t find any, can you please leave a link for a thread?

by the way, Jaxx’s fee’s to transfer Zcash to anywhere is 0.08… so you couldn’t use it for anything if you wanted to. Make sure you check out the fee’s a wallet or what ever entity you are dealing with has

You spent less that 30 seconds looking, come on man…

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all the threads only say zCash supported retailers, that jaxx fee though, can i switch to a new wallet without that disgusting fee?

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Click the Z in the top left corner, then click latest.

Scan the subject lines for the past 22 hours, you’ll see several conversations about what you are wanting to know. I’m trying to help you help yourself

i went down to 22 hours and this is all i found which is barely related to my problem E-commerce Store for Zcash Mining Hardware at wholesale prices

kraken servers are kinda broken rn :frowning:

it should be 0.008 while Zcash4win is 0.0001
but it is still 80times more … crazy!!


JAXX sucks. WORST WALLET EVER!!! is there anything i can do to switch my wallet?

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is legit?

I see nothing that says you can transfer cryptocurrency to it

hello, i found out about card, with this you can use altcoins online, it’s a VISA card. as soon as i mine enough zCash i will check it out.