Jaxx wallet ZCash address

Upon receipt of payment, the address is changed to another ZCash address. How can I change the current address (new address) to the original ZCash address (set for mining) in Jaxx wallet?
Thank you.

Hey there. Please keep in mind that Jaxx is not optimized to be handling mining payouts at this time. That being said, you are able to reuse any previous addresses. If you need a list of the ones previously used you can go to MENU => TOOLS => DISPLAY PRIVATE KEYS. There you will find a list of both you HD private and public keys and the associated balances of each.

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My ports of zcash to mac and win, at https://zcash4mac.com and https://zcash4win.com handle lots of smaller transactions from mining just fine, as they run a complete full node (and have the command line tools embedded, too, if you need them). I know that quite a few people mine to them, and I haven’t heard of any issues with that use case.

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Thank you for your answers. Is the solution send payment once a day in Jaxx? Or really use to another wallet?