How do you clean your gpu rig from dust .dirt

As i said i have problem here with dust how i clean my gpu rig
Using blower bad for my gpu fans or what guys
I’m using 1080 ti duke

Iwish every one feed us with his own way .

use a pen or something to keep the fans from moving while using the blower

You can also get soft dusting brushes that are specifically built so that they don’t deliver static electric shocks. I have one but I got it so many years ago that I’ve forgotten where I found it.

I use air-duster cans in my “real job” all the time and if you are blowing into the fans, you are just making them turn in the direction they are meant to turn but a bit faster.

The cans I use are deliberately chosen to deliver pretty high pressure because they are used to clean dust out of an electronics cabinet on excavation machines on an actual mine (Alcoa bauxite mine). When one of them is nearly empty I take it home and use it on my GPUs. I have used full ones though and they are fine.

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I just turn off machines and use air compressor.