How does zcash4win update to winzec

I installed the zcash4win version,i want update to winzec.Is there anything to note in this process,Or upgrade tutorial,thanks!

Step 1: Download WinZec
Step 2: Uninstall zcash4win
Step 3: Install WinZec
Done. :slight_smile:

And always make a backup…

This guide also has some good info

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If i’ve saved wallet.dat and private keys i have to update to latest version or i can use them in the next versions of wallet for example the one with overwinter support,thx in advance

Yes if you have exported the private keys and/or copied your wallet.dat file you can use them in any Overwinter release such as the latest WinZec (1.1.0). As above the process is as simple as uninstalling the old one (Zcash4Win) and reinstalling the new one (WinZEC) it’s just a very good idea to make a backup first in case anything bizarre happens.

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