How long you need to get zcash?

Tell me please, my pool at nanopool, wallet poloniex, when it's my speed ~ 36 sol / s. How long do I have to wait for it to appear as though anything zcash account? Nanopool on the site says that the payment of 4 times a day, but at least 0,001 zcash, as soon as he typed it to me enroll? 9 hours no accrued debts.

I have one machine with 2 graphics cards and a good CPU that I use NiceHash Miner with ... (it automatically converts my ZCash into bitcoin and deposits it into my wallet, and 2 other CPU only machines that I have running through the Nice Hash Zcash pool:

I have been getting multiple payouts from this pool daily, and can track my individual balance by pasting my wallet address into the Balances Stats area ( ) .... you might want to switch to them!

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Bear in mind, that it will take a while to propagate your stats for the Balance Stats area ... maybe 3 or 4 hours into mining you might notice that they have added you. Immature Balance has not been confirmed yet, though it is basically what you will expect ... confirmed balance is what they will be getting ready to pay you, and when you see a paid balance, you can expect to receive your ZEC soon.

For a wallet, I use JAXX on my desktop ... its great and syncs with your cell phone for trading on the go ... just make sure you back it up with a phrase or QR code. JAXX has Bitcoin wallet for the NiceHash Miner, and it has a wallet for ZCash for if you decide to mine with the pool I linked.