Riser question for 1080 ti

Hello everyone. Here goes my first post on this forum…
I just picked up 16 x 1080ti for mining and just got done putting together the first rig with 8 gpus… I have 7 sata risers and 1 molex riser… the question is the following… so far I connected the all the risers with usb and the gpus with the 8 pin and the secondary 6 pin… I know that 1080 need about 250-300w to run and was wondering if I need to connect the sata risers directly from the psu… I’m using a evga psu that comes with modular sata connector for powering up sata devices.
Some people on different forums like Reddit don’t recommend powering the gpus from the sata risers… does anyone have any experience and will like to share some knownledge so I can move forward… I’m currently stuck with this issue and scared to plug them in and burn my rig down… please help!

I have an x8 Aorus 1080 Ti rig and i would not power those cards with sata risers… molex or 6 pin risers are the way to go with those cards… i have mine set to 80% TDP which is around 200 watts per card…


I have over 40 1080ti’s, from triple fans to hybrids

As long as the riser you are holding is a version 7 or higher you are fine

The only thing you need to do to make sure you don’t have any issues is this: one riser per power cable on Sata. With molex you can do 2 per power cable. I REPEAT best practice to prevent melting of wires or damaging the rig is one to one sata powered per power cable.

one last thing, plug them in one at a time, let windows install the drivers, see it in the device manager, turn it off, rinse and repeat. Also it could take 60 seconds per card for the o/s to install the driver, be patient

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Yes they are all 007 version. I will make sure I follow the one to one and install them one at a time! I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.

Personally I wouldn’t use SATA risers on any card but call me old fashioned, the Molex risers are the same price and I don’t like smoke or the smell of melted plastic!

If you underpower your cards (150W each) you could plug 2 cards from sata without a “huge” risk.

Best low risk solution is directly to 6 PIN.