How to build a super rig with 1.x MH/s?

Hello everybody;

I’m currently have two rigs, one 1070 and another 1080ti, it’s only around 7000sol/s
Sometimes I checked in flypool, I see some wallets which has worker hashrate around 1.x or 2.x MH/s. I wonder how they did it? Any comments how to build it?


They would be massive farms, possibly strings of warehouses full of graphics cards (as far as I am aware ASIC mining for zcash is not possible?). Assuming all GTX 1080Ti's, that's ~3100 cards for that performance!

I suppose another possibility is they are making use of services such as nicehash.

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i always wondered that too, these guys don't play around. You'd think they ROI by now. must be nice though

As i was told when i asked - you can use the same worker name for all your rigs.

so if you use the same worker name on 20 rigs.. you get such speeds

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@godanubis is correct, I will say that "default" is what EWBF uses.

Lol by my calculations it'd be a minimum of $3,000,000+ to build gtx1060 rigs to get that kind of hashing power (2.3 MH/s). Over $4m if it's using 1080tis

How much u spent on ur config in general ? I'm far far from that performance with my desktop GPU ^^
2.xMH/s thats crazy!