How to bypass 'NiceHash Miner GUI' and start up the miners?

I’m trying to set up a network of miners, however unless I want to benchmark each individual computer just to come to the conclusion that it’s best at the same one all the others are, I would like to find a way to bypass the ‘NiceHash Miner GUI’ and just start up the miner. I would also like for it to continue to convert the mined AltCoin directly into Bitcoin, then automatically send that Bitcoin to my wallet. Is there a way in which this can be achieved?

You could use Claymore (if AMD) and still mine to Nicehash, Multipool etc as the will auto convert to BTC and auto payout.

ZecMiner64.exe -mport 0 -i 4 -zpool stratum+tcp:// -zwal XXXXXXXXXX.X -zpsw x

ZecMiner64.exe -i 4 -zpool ssl:// -zwal XXXXXX.X -zpsw x