Warning: GPU3 Temperature limit are reached, gpu wiill be stopped

Hi Community!

I have been mining zcash for a while and recently i got the warning message whereby one of the GPU temperature is reached, and gpu will be stopped. As a result, I’m unable to mine without the interference of stopping and restarting.

Also, my auto-restart mining function somehow didnt work when the mining restarts the computer again.

Appreciate for any kind advises from you guys!

First: if you’re mining zcash with a gpu you’re mining at a loss (I respect that)
Second: how many GPU’s are in your system? Is it an open rig or a closed case?
Are fans manually set or automatically? What are your gpu/s temps?

What software are you using to mine?

Cheers mate

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Thanks @johnwisdom for your reply.

I do agree now that I’m mining at a loss. Trying to rectify the issue I’m having before embarking on other options.
Im using 6 x GPU NVIDA GeForce GTX 1070. It is an open rig.

Fans are set at automatically. Using MSI Afterburner to control the Temperature.Temp limit 90 degrees.

Currently after a few minutes, the Temp: GPUs will be around 70C, with 1 particular GPU3 to be 80sC. I suspect because of the temperature limit i set as 90C, it will cut off my mining system.

Using the EWBF Zec Miner 0.3.4b to mine.

Appreciate your help.

lower your temp limit to 65-75. Having cards running > 80 will damage your cards.

If auto fan doesn’t work good set manually fan @80%
or even at 100%, its better than having cards that hot.

My cards run at 55-60 max and I’ve lowered power consumption to keep them cool.

What’s your OC ?
In my opinion temp limit 90 is a bit high :wink: I prefer a max of 70 degrees.
And with 90 it will not turn down on 80, it will throttledown at 90, meaning less Hashrate.
Put the fans on manual and at 70 %, then you can tune them after that, maybe card 3 gets hot air from the other cards :wink:

Thanks @johnwisdom and @anon75406386 for your replies.

Sorry about the terms. What is OC?

Understand that I have adjusted the temperature limit. But it seems like that particular one of the GPU is facing the “overheating” issue very fast.

Would it be a hardware issue or do i need to update anything? FYI, i have updated all the GPU drivers.

Also, previously i had input autorun.bat in the startup:shell but currently now it seems like it is not working anymore despite alot of attempts to restart the computer.

Oc is overclock.
For Zcash the core overclock is the best.
Do you have them on 100 % power ? You could put them on 70 75 %
It costs you some hashrate, but saves big on energy.
I think it could be a riser, so switching card three with another will tell you more.
And you could try Bminer for your miner program, more stable in my opinion.

Disconnect all cards except the one overheating. Run it and see if it still does. If it still overheats, swap the riser. If that doesn’t work, maybe try changing the thermal paste. It could be a poor application or it has dried out and is insulating instead of conducting heat. I would also try running some gaming benchmarks to see if the same behavior is occurring. Youtube is full of teardown vids on almost every brand of gpu out there so it shouldn,t be a problem. Do you clean the dust out of them regularly? that could also knock off a couple of degrees.

Thanks @anon75406386 and @Edward_Teach for your guidance. I will try the methods and check again.

Tentatively, what are you guys mining these days?

BTG with all the rigs atm.
Waiting for the Pepe Chain to go live hehehe

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