How to fix "GPU #0 returned incorrect data!" R9 280X?

ihave the problem of this topic, can any one help me ?

I assume you’re talking about claymore’s miner. I have the same problem with a sapphire 280x toxic. I underclocked it but no solution. Without undervolt, no solution. Temperature is within reasonable limits (around 70°C). So I had to swith to optiminer and no problem there. Using 0.6.0 on ubuntu 14.04, 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 are more unstable. Maybe you could give a try to optiminer on linux or windows?

And by the way, I changed risers and used powered and non powered ones. No difference. The problem in my case was not the riser. Though in yours it could be.

my riser is no problem, i’m use mindows 7 with claymore v9.3 , but alway incorrect … and hash gone a be down

I rather use text based linux on mining (example ethdistro, they have support channel on miners). Claymore is good program to windows. You have lot of computing power 4,1 TLOPS, Stream processors 2,048, engine clock even up to 1 GHZ.

had that issue also with some R9 280x vapor-x cards, latest claymore is really pushing the cards.

When you see errors, try setting :

-i 8
-cclock 1080
-mclock 1500
-tt 75

The sols are almost the same, and the cards that had these issues look stable

Only had 2 cards from the 16 that had these issues.

I found the same issue, and it had to do with the intensity setting. Everyhing else is default settings, no overclocking, no temperature settings, etc. Explicitly entering the default intensities of 6, I specified them for each card so the configuration file had this entry (5 cards):

-i 6,6,6,6,6

Then when one card started showing warnings of “wrong data” I would reduce the intensity for that card by one, since it was only a matter of time before that card would hang after receiving those warnings. Reboot, and try again. Eventually for my cards, these intensity settings for all cards seem quite stable:

-i 4,6,3,4,2

But it is very card-dependent, so try reducing intensities of cards that give you warnings by one. The last card with intensity of 2, was running for a good day at intensity 3 before it started showing “wrong data” messages, and soon after hung. So I reduced it further, and they have been running for several days without issue. Sol/s for all cards are 300+ Sol/s, with the last card being a little less, around 290 Sol/s do due lower stablizing intensity.