How to identify GPU#2 in the motherboard?

Hey guys, i`m having temperature issues with GPU#2, but i dont know which one is GPU#2 …

how can i identify ?

Increase the fanspeed of gpu2 and you will know…

or if u have MSI MB(may be this works on others brand MB) you can use BIOS graphics MB explorer and u can see GPU ID on each PCIe slots

how can i increase one card fan speed? when i increase in afterburner it increase for all cards

In afterburner … There is a sine wave type sign which is used to keep all cards sync or async … click it to make it async … select the gpu2 … increase the fanspeed … this way you can keep individual settings for all gpus

IMG_20170809_134622 this

Thank you master :smiley:

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Also can look into your MB PDF Documentation :slight_smile:
usually they are numbers from the top to bottom of the MB and the big PCI-E slots are 1,2…etc…then when the finish, the small PCI-E slots continue …3,4,5…etc.