Power % and Hash Fluctuations on 1 Card Only


As mentioned in the topic; 1 of my cards is fluctuating in power draw (and hash rate).

Build: 5x1070 + 2x1080 ti; Asus Prime, V7 risers with 6 pin connectors to sata cables, Ax860 + Hx1000

I’ve tried switching the cards around, trying a different riser and a new card and switching psus to rebalance… the only consistent issue is that the problem card always appears as gpu 1 in MSI afterburner.

I remote in to the rig, no monitor attached.

Any ideas?

How are your fans running? Are they constant?

Yep - gpus are all in the 60s

Maybe your PCI-E on your motherboard is bad? Try running all the cards but exclude that PCIE slot

I shall give that a shot and report back.

Had this exact thing happen to me. It was due the recent intel chipset or management engine drivers update. Basically the motherboard was trying to have the GPU in slot 1 provide the image for the remote connection…despite my bios settings forcing CPU built in graphics.

To fix I plugged in a monitor, used DDU app in safe mode, and reinstalled nvidia drivers in regular windows. Back to 100% after that.