How to optimize my GPUs with Afterburner?


how to optimize my GPUs with Afterburner ?

i didn’t know the limit of my GPU, tdp, memclock and gpuclock… what is the rule to gain Sol/s without burning my gpu ? :smiley:

i have 3x 1060 6gb and 1x 1070 8gb.


don’t quote me i just started overclocking again, i dabbled in the past. if your paying for electricity you want to find the sweet spot. you need a wattage reader hooked up to your computer for that though

overclock the card as high as you can, while keeping it stable. check the wattage pulled and the sol/s per second sol/s divided by wattage gives you the sol/s per watt. then just keep going lower until you find the sweet spot.

as for overclocking for me the memclock didn’t really do to much for me it was more the gpu clock. i just slowly went up watching the temps and making sure its stable. i hit the point where it just crashed the computer rebooted dropped it below that point and let it run for awhile to make sure it was running stable. i’m running 2x 1080ti’s thing is the sweet spot is stock clock without boost so 1480-1500mhz. running at 175w

on the 1080’s you can use both core and memory to increase your sol’s. I don’t know if this is the case with the 1060’s and 1070’s.

if you are using afterburner, I would first set my temp limit, 69 keeps you in the green, some like to run 74/75 (which is half way to red), it’s up to you. The higher the temp, the more sol’s, but more heat and power

if you are going to oc, then bump it +25 core… if it runs for 4+ hours it is probably stable, bump it another +25 core, rinse and repeat. If you want to be Veruca Salt then go higher or faster

as for memory clock I have never had my 1080’s fail due to it and I run mine at +800