How to send Zcash to multiple t-addresses from exchange/web wallet?

I mean which exchange or online wallet will allow me to send Zcash to multiple t-addresses in a single transaction?

the title of this thread is vague and inconsistent with ‘I mean which exchange or online wallet will allow’.
change to ‘How to send Zcash to multiple t-addresses from exchange/web wallet?’ to up your chances of getting a more precise response

Done. But, it seems there is none that offers this functionality.

Pay out directly to own nodes and zcash-cli supports this functionality directly via the available RPC calls, so haven’t needed to look up whether any of the third party services supported this.

If you’re comfortable with using the web console and know some basic javascript, you could always locate the function which sends the single tx, create an array of t-addresses place it into a for loop and iterate.
If not, tell us exchange you’re on. Shall have some free time near the later part of the week, so can write a custom function along with user friendly instructions in navigating console to exec if you’d like?

I am a windows user and I use Polo to store my Zcash. My computer is not secure and it is old. Hence I can not use any offline wallet. How do I send Zcash to 5 addresses in 1 Tx? Is there any such online wallet/exchange that can be refilled with my Polo stash?

p.s. While I use bitcoin, I use

the functionality you’re asking is most likely non-existent.
hold out for a few days for a poloniex solution.

Finally got round to getting a working solution for multi address payout for polo; try with small TXs first to verify and then increase amount(s) when comfortable.
No unofficial API modules required, just a working chrome or firefox browser.


Login to polo account.
Navigate to Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange.
Scroll to end of page and click ‘Withdraw’ on ZEC column.
Open ‘Web console’ with ctrl+shft+j for Chrome and ctrl+shft+k for
Replace the strings in taddrs array with the t-addresses you want
to cash out to.
Replace vals in amount array with your amount(s).
Highlight the entire anon func - ala, lines from (function() to
})(); - copy, and paste into our Web console on Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange tab.
To execute TX hit return.

(function() {
  taddrs = [ 
  amount = [ 

  for (i=0;i<taddrs.length;i++) {
     console.log('Paying ' + amount[i] + ' to account ' + taddrs[i])


If you need to add more addresses + corresponding amount(s), just create
new line followed by your t-address placed in a single quote pair and
append a comma only to each end of the line only if the address/amount
is not the last.

This seems like a fantastic solution. Will definitely try. Thank You :slight_smile:

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