How to set miner to use GPU at like 80%

Hi there i am mining with 2 GPU on my PC one is 1060 and other is 1070ti the monitor HDMI is connected in 1060 and what i want to know is is there any way in bat file that some how i can set the miner to use the GPu like 80% so that i can watch HD movies while mining in background???
this is the miner i am using “zm_0.5.7_Miner”

Can you not use it at stock overclock? I mean i use max OC with precisionx and i am still able to watch movies. Strange! I use also nvidia evga 1060 and 750ti

i can use stock OC but still the movie hangs and its not smoothly running

You could try enable onboard graphics and plug the screen into that.

Yes i tried that too i got the display also but i was not able to see my mouse cursor or any desktop icons i took the screenshot too and noticed that its on dual screen working how can i fix that?

No… if you reduce the power to 80% for mining, you’ve reduced power to the GPU for everything.

Setup a bat file that only uses the 1070ti for mining and leaves the 1060 for movie use. When you’re done, relaunch the mining bat that uses both gpu’s.

btw DSTM is @ version 5.8

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