hey everyone,
i am always facing issues with my login process on the below link.

please check and let me know about this wallet, is it authentically belongs to zcash and if yes then how to recover the password and why it doesnt get login even with right email and password.

looking forward to hear.

Just because it has the zcash name doesn’t mean it belongs to Zcash.

That site / Wallet is a SCAM stay away


thanks for the reply,
its been 5 days i am waiting for my zcash transfer from shapeshift to that zcash walllet,
but since today i didnt get anything.
i had switched my 10zcash and i dont see them no wehre…
i had sent a reporting ticket to shapeshift and asked them to check the transaction delay.

shall i send them another email to ask them to block the transfer or shall wait…
please advise…

if you can stop it then stop it, if not it is gone

I feel sorry for you man . I really hope its resolved , because I hate scammers and thieves very much.

but common , you transfer 5000 USD worth of coins on some website without even looking into it! .
it costs less than a 100 USD to get a hardware wallet that is more secure than any official wallet.

i had plan to buy and shift later :frowning:
is there anyway we can do?? regards
Ummer Mughal