Mining and sending to wallet

Hi guys,

be careful. I am mining with Genesis and transferring to

But it is a scam, zcash never arrives.

Spread the word.

it arrives, just to the person running the scam site…

How are you guys finding this junk wallet scam? I’ve done 7 different searches for wallets and zcash and it never comes up…

Nicehash will never came back, just like Mt.Gox, So I am mining to a offline wallet.

What are you talking about?? This posting has nothing to do with NiceHash


I’m also in the same boat, I mined from ZEC from Genesis and have it sent to But never came through, also tried their support - no answer.

Stay away! I should have checked this forum before I did but luckily it was only 0.006 ZEC that was lost.

I’m currently using the just for ZEC only and it works fine for me (also get notification on my phone when i is received from Genesis which is a bonus)