I am not sure what to expect from the WinZec program that I installed

Hello how are you all. I apologize for my questions I kind of feel out of place here, but I have just downloaded WinZec and it says that it is just about finished with the block download. I wanted to go with Flypool U.S.A, I am not quite understanding the program. I do have a Jaxx account for my wallet and all, but I guess the question is how do I officially set up everything correctly as far as mining with a pool or does the WinZec program automatically add me to one and my Jaxx address. Can someone please help? Thanks!

Just to clarify - WinZEC is a full node which includes a graphical user interface to the zcashd client and includes a wallet. Flypool is a mining pool. Jaxx is a mobile wallet that only supports t-addrs.

So, assuming you want to mine, you need an address to mine to. It is not advised to mine to Jaxx directly so assuming you want to mine to your WinZEC wallet just click on “Own addresses” and you can use any transparent address generated by WinZEC (as Flypool doesn’t support z-addrs). You can mine to your Jaxx wallet - just don’t have your payout threshold too low for performance reasons.

So to be clear to mine on Flypool you simply need a transparent address to mine to - you can get that from either WinZEC or Jaxx and you just need one or the other.

Hey thanks alot for taking the time out to answer the questions that I had to ask, I greatly appreciate it, thanks again!