Questioning WinZec again it says running

The WinZec program is saying that it is running, is it mining then or are there any other programs that I have to download with it as far as the EWBF Miner program concerns? I am totally new to this and
am interested in the mining for various reasons. Or would I be better off mining from elsewhere? I have a couple in mind that I have taken a look at, I just want to know if I’m actually headed in the right direction.


Winzec is a wallet, you can mine zcash to it but with seperate software (like the EWBF), a t-address will be generated in the wallet to designate where you should send to out of EWBF

Thanks, I kinda figured that, but wasn’t quite so sure thanks i appreciate the information!

Thanks again!

I decided to go with the easy way and mine with the Minergate program to mine Monero XMR, but now I have a problem with getting my GPU started lol. Its just mining
off of my cpu instead. I suck I know lol, but thanks any info is helpful and well worth it.

Everyone was new to this once as well. You don’t suck, check the reddit forums for /r/monero and /r/gpumining, I believe one or both have guides for beginner miners. Mining has come quite a ways so it’s no where near as hard to get started as it use to be. Just find a good example of what you want to do, and read read read =)