I did not come coins had already 3 days HELP ME

I transferred my coins Zkash from the Cexio exchange to the stock exchange Bitfinex 3 days have passed and have not come for this time, their price fell by 10%. HELP ME!!! number Transaction Zchain b66df78ef6055cd5603ddafa57645e1ef6ceda4fe4b25d9978f934699f4f2593

I have defenitely the same problem.
У меня та же самая проблема.
Nobody care about it.
Никому нет дела до этого.
Help Me as well:
06.12 01:34

  • Withdraw
    ZEC -3.05188405
    ZEC ZEC: t1PZFBUTuJWpekGoC5AFuaJC2rZz5kb8v9S
    Where is the money?

You need to open a support ticket with Bitfinex, this is the forums for Zcash coin itself


Саппорт Bitfinex не отвечает 3 дня пишу по 3 письма в день.

No one here can help you. You need to be talking to Bitfinex. I realize they’re not responding to you but there’s nothing anyone here can do for you. You’ll just have to keep trying Bitfinex.

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