Transaction unconfirmed 9 days ago

Why not confirm the deposit?

I send about 5.70812144 ZEC to my account on bitfinex (sept 27) and they appear in my account but they appear unconfirmed any ideas what could be happening?

Confirmation of withdrawal from

But no deposit is confirmed for bitfinex



Amount 5.70812144 ZEC

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I am having the exact same problem. I sent some zcash from my zcash4win wallet to my Bitfinex account and the transaction has 0 confirmations after 9 days ( I sent the amount on October 14). I have sent money from this wallet to my Bitfinex wallet before with no problems.
Have you been able to recover your funds? I am still looking to recover mine, any help is appreciated.

I have same issue. They said it was because I didn’t attach good enough fee to transaction. Advised me to use accelerator service which I would gladly pay for to get my balance back to my wallet, problem is I can’t find one for Zec [yet]…

I opened a ticket with Bitfinex and they have yet to reply. I read your other post, so is bitfinex confident they never recieved the funds and that it will eventually be returned after a certain time frame? I did the exact same thing you did, I sent a small amount of Zcash to confirm the fee/address were correct, then I sent the second amount with the same settings and the transaction remains unconfirmed, what gives?

I am having the same situation with you guys. I am pretty sure that the transaction is confirmed (at least in my full-sync zec4mac, zcashnetwork and minergate) but my deposit didn’t appear in bitfinex.

Also, bitfinex has a terrible support service.I have contacted them a week before and still got nothing from their side. I am gonna try HitBTC next time.

I’m not really sure Ooshi. I’m taking screenshots of everything and trying to confirm status independently of Bitfinex’s system. Going to send them one more support email once I have it all together.

Hi everybody! I’ve the same issue - 2 zec from local wallet to bitfinex, 3 days and 0 cofirms ((( Does anybody solved this problem somehow?

Sadly Bitfinex just provide me the Q&A template as an answer for my issues even I provide evidences (with screenshot of zac4mac, minerGate, zcashnetwork) showing my transaction is verified with a bunch of confirmation. Bitfinex’s service is not supportive and takes forever to respond to ticket.

I have problem with confirmations also from my zcash4win wallet i was checking your post and i see your transaction is confirmed!How many days take that for you? your post is from 6 oktober

I have the same problem with you guys. I sent 3 ZEC to Bitfinex 3 days ago, transaction got 13 from 15 confirmation rather fast, but after that confirmation stopped. What should I do?
TXID: 1e77848d466c0f13049ea6a317ba4fa7bde4cc6f6566aa0731b63b4073f6f1d9

Still waiting - no confirmations, no answer from bitfinex

Same here, transfer 1.91 ZEC and unconfirmed, I think this bug it’s heavy now, Reddit it’s full of this.

about a month and a half ago I transfer 3.0 ZEC and didn’t confirm I send a support ticket and they answer me:

"Thanks for your message.

We will manually to recover your deposit as soon as possible."

2 weeks later, the deposit was confirmed. I hope they fix this, or I’m pretty sure many of us will change exchange, I don’t care about this kind of bug, only if they answer support tickets and fix it.

Hi All! does anybody has any news about this issue? Any deposits confirmed?

Mine still waiting to be manually confirmed, bitfinex support answers me.

“It appears that this ZEC deposit has been stuck with zero confirmations, this will need to be manually processed and I’ve marked it down as so, you should receive your ZEC as soon as possible. Thank you for contacting us and apologies for not following up sooner - the sudden increase in new users and inquiries has kept us very busy.”

Did’t receive bitfinex support reply yet.

See what bitfinex support answers me

I send them an email:
"Great Thanks Eliza.

Do you know how long it would take? And do you think if I send more deposits this could happen again?"

I tell Eliza, that how long would it take to get my ZEC accredited in my account, and if this bug could happen again.

She answers me:
"There is nothing that can be done to avoid this however this should not happen very often.

Kind regards,"

I got Bitfinex answer:

“Thanks for your message
We have no control over the length of time it takes for transactions to be confirmed on the blockchain, this depends on the network speed and the amount of transaction fees paid by the sender.
There is nothing that we can do from our side
We require a minimum of 3 confirmations before crediting your account”

WTF? According to TX has 9020 confirmations.

My transaction:

Have you send that info to them? Actually I stop using them. Check this reddit forum maybe that support guy can help you.

17.12.2017 I recieved message from Bitfinex:

“Thanks for getting back - it seems that your transaction has encountered an error, we will still process it however it will require the attention of one of our admins. I’ve marked it for processing though unfortunately there is a backlog so it could take some time - we are aware of the issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible.”

I thought “Very well, my zcash will be returned to me”, but at this moment nothing has changed. Zcash still unconfirmed, more then 3 month already. Bravo Bitfinex.