I don't know where my 1000 Gravity Coin went - Details below..plz help

Where did my 1000 zcash go?
I Created zcash deposit address in poloniex and transferred 1000 zcash in gravitycash to that wallet address…
Zcash gravity dashboard shows it has transferred and deducted amount in my gravitycash
but i could not find it in poloniex!



It was clearly written “Gravity Adress From” and “Gravity Adress To”(the one you used to put the Zcash deposit adress).
So I’m sorry to say it but you will not even see 0.01ZEC appear on Poloniex.
Try to contact Gravity support

However 1 000,9998(the amount of Gravity coin in your transaction) ×0.302(current price in US Dollar)=

302,30 USD = current value of 1000,9998 Gravity

188 000 USD = current value of 1000 ZEC

Thank you for your advice. I 'd be doing accordingly

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