I make 0.01 ZEC a day with 2 Nvidia GTx 1070 TI - it this normal?

I use flypool. I get average 1000 Sol/s and average 840 H/s combined.

It is like I am making 4$ per day with 2 1070 TI. Isn’t it low?

Mining OGs, what do you suggest me to do ?

What card is it? 500 is in the range for the card. Some as high as 550. Is you 840 reported rate after more than 24hrs continuous? If it is look through flypool facts for a FAQ or help section that says what to do about low reported hash rate. The difficulty could have gone up give you less reward for your work. Zec difficulty these days is insane.

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as of 03/05/2018 1070TI USD $ 1.75 to 2.45 per card per 24 hours

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Thank you for suggestions.