If my HDD crashed or need to format & setup OS what will happen?

I have compleated Zcash wallet setup on my linux machine. On this procedure i use “./src/zcash-cli getnewaddress” command to creat my t-address. Accidentally i use same command again & find another t-address. i did it more time to see whats going on. Result is many addresses on my t-address list. So my Questions are…

  1. How i able to delete unwanted addresses?
  2. If my HDD crashed or need to format & setup OS what will happen? How i can get back my accounts as usual my balance?
  3. If i go far from my Home PC & need to make any transaction how it will be possible?

I m a Noob on this Arena & now i m doing CPU mining only.

Your Helps will be highly Appreciated.

Thank You

Here The Screen shot:

I am by far no expert on this and this is only my opinion on how I believe things to be

  1. Don't worry about the extra address, you can create how ever many you need. If there is a balance on one of them, move it (transaction) over to the main address you want to use OR move it to an exchange or a cloud wallet.

  2. If your HD crashed, and the only place you have your Zec is in the ZCash wallet on your PC (and you don't have a complete backup for full restore) I am 99.44% sure you have lost everything in it, no recovery. I want to stress here, that I am not a100% sure about this and if there is a way I am not familiar with it.

  3. Either Remote access to your PC or move it to a FOB or cloud based wallet

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"Don't worry about the extra address..." // Suppose, I stopped worry about extra addresses. But, anyway, how to delete them?

to my knowledge, no there is not

This is a security issue, isn't it? What if I want to protect my 'secret' zaddr from stealing or sniffing or scanning from PC?

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Thank you. Your opinion help me lot
1. No need to delete the Addresses. May be it will help to ensure extra layer of security to protect precious one z address
2. ....
3. Transferring the fund to Exchanger service can solve this problem