If this "bcash" thing sticks; we should seriously consider rebranding, imo

https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/6qys0l/why_have_the_last_blocks_been_so_fast/ side note: don’t care about their fork… bcash works, so i can see them running with it…

What do you mean rebranding, @kek ?

maybe change our name to zerocash, or something… zcash bcash are grossly similar, and the name bcash sounds good ; will prolly be adopted by their community if the network survives

EDIT - just something to keep an eye on… zcash, zcoin, etc confuses people… will be sucky if bcash sticks. bcash, zcash, dash, succotash…

For me, Zcash sounded like a french man saying the cash, but with a thick french accent… “ze cash”

But in a way, you are right, will get confusing after a while, for new poeple. But Zerocash kinda sounds like it doesn’t have any value.


must admit “ze cash” does sound super-classy when sounded-out in a french accent!

agree wit all this - if bcash sticks, definitely need a new name

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to be honest, bcash should be BCoin…

Haha, I totally agree! zcash never sounded more beautiful.

I would really enjoy hearing your predictions guys!

I say BCH sticks around at around 100$ and BTC 3000$ (in september)

I would assert the exact opposite in that regard. A re-branding would be totally unnecessary either way.

On another side note, certain crypto-exchanges (by allowing BTC to be traded against BCC) may of inadvertently caused themselves some unforeseen future regulatory issues !?!

It’s difficult to fully describe what is happening here, but lawmakers could potentially view this ‘asset’ exchange as somewhere between hypothecation / embezzlement / defalcation / rehypothecation - where financial gain from said ‘exchange’ fees is certainly highly questionable, if not totally immoral.

A smart exchange might of only allowed BCC to be traded against ETH, ZEC or LTC (for example).

Either way, one or both ‘Bitcoins’ will continue … and so will Zcash. :heart_eyes:

knew this was going to happen https://www.reddit.com/r/bcash

Zookoin please. Just so zooko can inverse chill on twitter.

this things dead in the water anyway.

chains moved a total of 10 blocks since it started.
requiring the same amount of hashpower as bitcoin to move block to block (in a timely manner).
worth 10% (and dropping) what btc is worth per block.

… and its still 1248 blocks away from next difficulty change

Why is the price increasing?
Scarcity because people cant send their BCH to exchanges because of the long block time?

I dont hold any BTC, but if I had I would definitely dump it on an exchange as quickly as I can. Definitely at the rate its going for right now.

Strongly disagree. Rebranding zcash would confuse more casual users that are a little familiar with zcash right now than it would deconfuse anyone else.

Beyond that, most actual Bitcoin Cash boosters consider ‘bcash’ a bitcoin core tactic to delegitimize their claim as the heirs of bitcoin. So if bch hangs around, I don’t see its users really embracing the nickname. Right now, the biggest bch subreddit is r/btc.