Incorrect balance on my address

Hi all. I have a problem with my address, created by my Ledger Nano. Aparently the amount available at the address is not the sum of the transactions I sent. Unless I am missing something…

Could somebody help me?

This is the address:

Thanks much for any help.

how much did you send, how much is there? IE what is the difference between the two?

Transaction fee?

As you can see from this block explorer
I sent 4 transactions
and the total should be 27.966

However on my Ledger Nano I miss the 13.499 transaction.

Apparently same issue here:
where total appears 14.999

I am not a blockchain expert, perhaps I am missing somethong, or perhaps is a Nano wallet bug? It seems all my transactions are there, so I guess I could extract all my money somehow?

Thanks much for your help.

What company/ wallet was it sent “from”

The 13.4998 transaction that is apparently missing from the total was sent from my ledger blue to my ledger nano. Same company, two different hardware wallets

I would contact ledger then, if you sent 27.966 and only 14.999 is there. I know they charge a lot for bitcoin, but I can’t imagine they charge this much for zec

It’s not a fee, the money is there, as you can see from the blockchain explorer. Did you check the two links?

It looks like a bug, And it seems that the same thing happens with two different blockchain explorers, one sees 3 transactions and the other sees 4 transactions.