Ledger wallet balance issue (resolved)

Hey everyone hope you are well these days. I recently fired up my ledger and saw my ZEC balances were all screwed up. I deleted and reinstalled everything and the balances are still wrong. Transactions are missing and it’s showing more than double the amount of coin I actually have.

I checked ledger live on my mobile as well and the balances are also different from the ones in ledger live desktop. very odd…

I checked Twitter and it seems others are having this issue as well. Ledger support sucks big time.

Does anyone have any idea what we can do about this? I have no access to my cash because of it.

(Mod update, issue is resolved) https://twitter.com/Ledger_Support/status/1512420303523270663?t=t0jhyv8IG_ITU_Jtz_KaMw&s=19

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@Blazin8888 here’s the thread Zecwallet Lite: login error, update, fund search
I could be wrong, but you will find everything you need there.

I am using a Ledger. Not ZECWallet

I’m not familiar with Ledger, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t miss it if I said you have a seed phrase for stored coins, right?

@Blazin8888 maybe this information will be useful for you.

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yes thanks. ledger support has not helped us, they just keep replying with the same message saying to open a support ticket and to send in logs from ledger live software.

quite ridiculous this is going on, their service is horrid.

We need HW wallet support for ZECwallet lite and it should be priority.

Some of us operate entirely in Zcash for day to day spending and food/rent (me). I am unable to get to most of my money right now and its not a good feeling. Thankfully I have other wallets with cash stashed away for times like this…but I feel bad for those who dont.


It wouldn’t hurt to create a post on this resource

and contact adityapk00 for information.

Did you make sure to update both the Bitcoin and Zcash parts of the Ledger app?

From what I understand they’re dependent on one another somehow.

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Yes, both have been updated. The ledger is up to date along with all the apps. So has to be some kind of node issue on their end right? I mean it was fine yesterday morning then all of the sudden boom, i had double the balance i shouldve and many missing transaction in the history

if you go on twitter and search “ledger zcash wallet” youll find plenty of others having same issue starting yesterday also.

I have the same issue…
Are you able to withdraw a minimal amount of Zec? (I can’t, everything is frozen).

Also how to find our hold address on the explorer as my receiving address shows 0 Zec amount on the explorer. Either they use proxy receiving addresses which would explain the 0 balance or it’s a hack. I’d be grateful if someone knows how to retrieve the zec address from the ledger live Ui (in case the receiving address is not a proxy).

your receiving address would show 0 thats normal because ledger live auto generates you a fresh T address each time.

the balance you see in ledger live is held across many different t addresses tied to your private key

as for how to find all your addresses, i am not sure.

– there are reports this is going on for Horizen coin users as well

Do you have the keys?

yes have my ledger seed backed up. the coins are fine im sure. this is most likely some kind of node issue imo on their end. the only alternative would be another software interface but unfortunately this is all ledger users have for now.

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My Horizen wallet is fine.

I am talking about Ledger users specifically.

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Update: I have been able to withdraw 1/34th of my ZEC balance from ledger… I’ll hence do 34 transaction to try to take all out

There is no point in doing this if you set your wallet up correctly. Unless you need the funds right now of course. Best thing you can do is sit tight. Your coins are safe if you’ve backed up your seed phrase.

That’s the issue. I have few ledgers setup but the keywords are lost

Yikes. Thats scary then. Good luck to you my friend. Hopefully they help us all soon.

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I dont know if the ledger seed is derived with the same method (bip39 I think) but if so the keys can be extracted if the seed isnt cross-compatible with another wallet.

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