Introducing Noble Pool. Simple, Anonymous, No Bull Sh!t Mining

Introducing Noble Pool

1% Fees

Payment Cycle Every 20 Seconds

Node.JS Backend

Simple Anonymous Mining

Support for ZCash, ZenCash, Hush, Komodo and ZClassic

Try it our for yourself at

Noble Pool has been setup for one purpose, to be transparent and take no bull sh!t fees
and value the miner over everything else. We currently support 5 equihash coins, those which suffer from mining pool centralization. If you want your favorite equihash coin added simply send me an email at If you have any questions just ask them by either sending an email or posting it in this thread.

What makes you different than everyone else? What is going to bring miners to your pool? How much hashrate are you willing to throw at your pool in order to keep it competitive with the others who are struggling against Flypool?

did you join the forum just to post this ?
Amazing .

Nice pool :smiley:
We also started new pool (ZCASH only because we have ZCASH as our religion! :pray: )
but at least we are mining on it until more miners will come. (And more parts from china to build up for mining rigs)
And we have 0,3% FEE …so for us … your fee is bull sh!t

Visit to get started.

Our fee is now 0%. I have realized my mistake and now I’m correcting my errors.

You want to know the very FIRST reason why I would not trust your pool or site? Your mining software site links go directly to zip files hosted on YOUR website instead of their natural repository.

There are to many people out there trying to make a quick buck by cheating people, you should fix things like that so that you don’t appear to be taking advantage of others.

Your not talking about my site right? ZCash4u is advertised by GTX1060.

Thanks for your suggestion. You are absolutely right! At the beggining we wanted to make our pool easy to use even for people who don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies. And we wanted to provide to theme easy to use manual how to jump in and start with Zcash mining. We should definitely change repository location.

What’s the next reason why do you think our pool is not trustworthy? Your suggestions are much appreciated!

I like your fee right now. But now you need to mine yourself on your pool to make it profitable (like we have started). Since you still need to pay cloud hosting and DNS registartion.

@panda2k My apologies I didn’t see / pay attention that @GTX1060 jumped into your thread