Introducing The Zebra Launcher

Please try it out by downloading and running the installer for your operating system and let us know what you think!

We also welcome any improvements to the project in the form of issues, discussions, or PRs on the zebra-launcher Github repository.



its syncing on Win 10
sync_percent=2.714% in few mins


No prblms here, good job guys.
Looking forward to the next updates… I really believe in the power of this implementation :zebra:



This is awesome, a great way to get Zcashs node count up!



So happy to see this! This will help more mainstream users get their toes wet, I’m pretty sure a large percentage of users in these forums use Windows/Mac on their main computers :heart_eyes: :student: :zebra:

Embedded desktop wallet in the Zebra Launcher UI such as Zingo-PC.

Yes! As fun as it is to compile and run Zebra+lightwalletd+ZingoPC, having options like this will be a huge win for the ecosystem.


Getting an error on Mac. Where’s the best place to get help?

Me too. I’m getting " “Zebra” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image."

Does the macos_aarch64 imply non-intel?
@ambimorph @joshs What kind if processors are yall running?
I have an intel and yes, no bueno

Apple M2 Pro

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Apple M1 [10 char]

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It seems macOS is quarantining the unsigned app, hopefully signing the binaries will fix this in future releases.

It may be possible to use the existing installation by removing it from the quarantine list by running xattr -p to check if it’s in that list, and xattr -d to remove it.


now that we have the launcher. could we get something in UI wise more nicer also soon one day?
i saw this one pretty cool:

shouldnt be too hard to make? or is it?

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That sounds like a Zebrad-Prometheus+Grafana build, which is already in a docker so it seems pretty feasible

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It shouldn’t be too hard to make, we can query Prometheus data directly (outside of Grafana) for high-level progress bars and other metric UI elements.

The Zebra Launcher UI was a bit rushed, we’ll probably redesign it after addressing more basic issues like signing the binaries and what’s listed in the low-effort high-impact section of “What’s Next” in the blog post.


Hey guys getting some errors on win10

VCRUNTIME140.dll VCRUNTIME140_1.dll and MSVCP140.dll not found causing it to crash

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Ah thankyou, ill try this out

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