Is 2gb vram still enough for mining?

Hello, I’m mining zcash on my R9 280x (I know it has high power consumption, but i don’t have to pay for electricity) with 3gb vram and I’m thinking about buying RX 560/460, but i don’t know whether i should buy 2gb or 4gb version. I know that 4 is always better, but I don’t want to overpay cause i will use it to mine only for couple months. Sooo, is 2gb still enough to mine zcash?
I’m using Claymore GPU Miner 12.5 witm -asm

My R7 370 with 2gb can only mine Zen now:( Back in January it mined Zec but diff changed lot since then…So 2Gb, hard…
Now im not sure what u will get from 460/560… 470 single fan would be my pick but cant find them…Maybe try new Nvidia mining card?
Claymore 12.5 on my rig got lower hash rate than 12.4…

Well, I’m more amd guy than nv, but every option will be considered.
If 2gb is not enough then i’ll just buy 4gb.
I don’t want to buy 470/570 cause it’s hard to get right now, and i want to buy it asap, so 560 will be (I discovered now that 460 needs 6pin power and i don’t have any cables left)
Basically I want it so one card will still mine when i’m doing other things like playing or something else. Right now if i’m mining 24/7 i have to use my laptop which is literally shit :stuck_out_tongue:

6pin is better less electricity:) My cables are 6+2 pin… Anyhow would like to see ur speeds with 460/560 :wink:

Okay, if I won’t forget I’ll post’em once i’ll get it :stuck_out_tongue: