Is legit?

then why not 0.001 payouts and it doesnt count shared now too

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In my experience is either a partial scam or not well implemented... or both. When trying the pool I did get paid - so far so good. However to find out if the pool is paying a fair share everyone must do the math, in my case:

My solutions rate = 64 Sols/sec (the pool says at!/coin/ZCASH/wallet/(myZcashAddress))
Total pool solutions rate = 220455 Sols/sec (the pool says at!/coin/ZCASH)

Currently the ZCash block reward is 0.96 ZEC/block and rising. So for every ZCash block that the pool mines, I should be getting approx (myRate/poolRate)blockReward i.e. (64/220455)0.95=0.000275 ZEC

The blocks the pool mines are shown here:!/coin/ZCASH so everyone can calculate over 8-12 hours or so how much he is owed and by the pool how much his balance actually increased. In my case I got a lot less than I should have got. I think the pool is ripping off miners

It would be good to have other opinions too...

Checked. Still no paymement. Like skrew just said, i learned my lesson and not trust that shitty pool

That makes it two of us (actually many more I guess)...

i had my first payment of 0.01 zec. so i am happy now :slight_smile:

It should possible to check what is the pools ZEC wallet address (all blocks found by the pool will go there)

And then calculate how much coins went in and how much went out ...

Good idea... But as we can't contact the owner, this scam pool should continue to exists...

Hello guys,
seem there is something wrong in this pool, no any payment
regarding to zcashclient-0.2.1 miner … i note that it only work with this pool coinsforall
any one know why??? i’m afraid we lose with it !


EDIT :smile: i just get paid!/coin/ZCASH/wallet/t1g61TF8Vbr1yVohvhrVpEmh5c6aWzY1JHr

TxID : 6816b3956cd5bb3d40d500ba8a2d95f5c89df04f626ccdc1475ece340b4710a0

coinsforall is legitimate! I received payment in my wallet !! It can be time consuming but it all worked out. this delay in payment is due to update the portfolios zcash but is normal !!

seem that! any way we still mining and want to be in safe side

I also almost stopped mine but I received in my wallet! I will continue mining and anything i post here !!

better to keep watch here too

11/1/2016 :::
Update : i get paid once. still i have bending - requested - i'll update you guys with TxID soon :slight_smile:

I think ppl who mined with their z-cash address are f****d !

All: You can still continue to mine on this pool but as owner don't reply anywhere and mail contact are fake, you will never see your coins when owner will decide to close all and run away with your coins...

You are just warned...

From this site:

For move your balance from unsupported Z-wallet to T send your empty wallet.dat with z-address and destination T-address to email

Has this worked for anyone?

no payment since 2h and keeps hanging in "requested"


Yesterday I received 0.6 zec for 24 hrs with 550 sol's,. Today I got 0.02 in 24 hrs... diff hasnt gone up 58x..

I've message pool op but no response yet ( 8 hours have passed since message)

As I already mentioned: I think the pool is ripping off miners... at least 40% in my case I switched to flypool using ZOGMiner and with roughly the same hashrate I am getting 2x the payout. Whether deliberately done or through incompetence this pool deserves to be abandoned!

The reason why people flock to coinsforall is the good miner, but ZOGMiner has caught up. If you start 2 instances of ZOGMiner per AMD GPU like:

./zcash-miner -G -stratum="stratum+tcp://" -user=<ZCash_TADDRESS>.<WorkerName> -printtoconsole -S=0

then you achieve roughly the same hashtrate. -S=0 means GPU 0.

I requested 0.02 z cash address mined coins to be sent to a t addy (created on a new wallet). I sent the wallet.dat to the email (wallet.dat only used to mine on that pool). It took 2 days but the amount was sent so there are responses - it just might take a bit.

i'm still mining in this pool, i get paid many Tx/aday