Is my hash speed good enough? and need tutorial for bios modding

Hi, I'm new into bitcoin mining (it's also my first time to do that) and currently running zcash mining at Claymore V6 and Windows 10 64 bit. For now my setups are 2x Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4GB (vram Elpida) and 3x Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8GB (vram samsung).

My RX 480 got 158-161H/s, meanwhile RX 470 163-166H/s. Are those speeds good enough? because I heard that my friend could reach 170H/s on RX 470 8GB modified bios (unfortunately he's always busy to be asked about bios-modding)

I only overclocked the cards directly through MSI Afterburner and still don't know how to mod bios properly especially the memory timing. Maybe if anyone could guide me to tighten the memory timing (as far as I know it could be done by Polaris editor). Thanks!

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