Is Nvidia better than amd for mining zcash?

It is used with a few years of warranty. Pretty happy with the pirce. Getting it now. first gpu for my rig. And I dont have a motherboard lol.

@samosnik posted it.
i cannot find anything below $350 plus shipping.
I agree-would have bought at $231.

i can also get a R9 390 for 174$ Anyone know the Sol/s?

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You'll get the best power efficiency and Sols/Watt ratio with NVIDIA GTX 1070 and this miner:

Personally I'd recommend a 1060. With EWBF you can get @ 260 H/s off a stock 1060 and they go for as cheap as $185 if you shop around. Not to mention their full load power consumption is only about 122 Watts (ref:,4679-6.html ). By my calculations this makes them the most efficient initial cost and hash per watt card on the market right now.

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hmm, sounds like the 1070s are the way to go for zcash, but my concern is that when eth turns to PoS everyone will mine other gpu mined coins, but that is a bit over the top of an concern. what I am trying to convey is that with the rx 470s/80x your investment will be more secure right? because of the fact that they are better for pretty much all other coins. I just wanted to get your opinion on this. also have you seen this, its burriedoneblockchain, i honestly think that something big is going to change in the mining world, but that is just my novice self, god day!

Sounds like the 1060 perform quite similar as the RX480 right now. Both powerconsumption, H/S and pricewise so the choice is really up to what you prefere.

If your sole purpose on mining is to make money Id say its a bit late to buy any of the cards now. GPU prices havent gone down since they first were released and they’ve been on the market for a while so we’ll probably see a next gen popping out in not too many months ahead pushing down the price on the current series in addition to bringing a lot new hashing power to the network.

Not sure at the current calculations but if you mine for money right now Im guessing you’ll get around 25 dollar per card a month excluding the cost of electricity and cost of hardware wear and valueloss. Remember profitablility per card will only go down by time, never up so if for some magical reason profitablity will remain the same you’ll still need to mine for about 8 months just to pay down the cards.

Sure, if you have free/very cheap electricity or just want to mine for the purpose of saving your ZEC for later then go for it. Id just not recommend you to buy a mining rig today for some quick cash. I made more money selling my ZEC first month than what I’ve mined and kept since is worth now. Personally Im gonna sell my GPUs when summer comes and I dont need the heat anymore in my home, and the GPUs are still worth good money. If things look good in the autumn I’ll probably reinvest in the next gen GPUs for another winter of heating :slight_smile:

1060 3GB cards…

well i have the option not to pay for power so that really helps alot, and when you said that the 480 and the 1060 have about the same hash rate you mean only in zec right?, and I am also waiting on the rx 490 to see what will happen, and near one of my houses there is a micro center so i can get the lowest prices on PC parts, I think making money is sorta out of the question, but as long as you are not loosing money than... what i am trying to say is that i do not have any gpus and i want to get into gpu mining, in 6 month i can get free power, and i want to do this as a hobby, based on my circumstances i think i should take the bite but what about you.

its just a rough time for mining you know...

also what do you think of hhd mining and renting out your spare space?

i just saw this and it seems pretty impressive, when i punched the numbers, i kinda like zcash more to mine than eth right know so i do not know whether to buy 6 rx 480s or 6 1060s, ahh man what should i do, i am not exactly sure how to put sols in the calculator but i just put 1645 Hs, and it turns out you will make more money with with 3 1060 mining zec than 3 480s on eth,.. if you have some advice i am all ears and I have to study for a math test so until next time.

Yeh free power is great.

ZEC has been superprofitable for mining, but not so much anymore. Now I think I'm getting a little bit more for mining ETH if i convert the coins into EURO by current marketvalue. And I have even removed the mem straps on my AMD cards, which gave about 20% extra performance mining ETH.

I'm actually mining both cryptos myself right now. 4x 470 on ZEC and 2x 480 on ETH.

All cards are undervoltet and slightly underclocked so they're not noisy at all can keep them in my living space.

Ive been kinda busy the last week with company visiting, will be a bit busy for the next week also, so i havent watched that one yet… but yeah as time goes on more people get into mining - pushing up the difficulty… eth going to POS will push up the difficulty on other coins - some will just sell off and get out, some will keep mining other coins.

You never know what the future holds… ZCash hasnt been doing that well price wise recently, but that could change anytime… im sure hte devs have something up and coming… like ZOE

Always other coins coming out, like pascalcoin recently, although its kind of done its pump and dump so we will have to see how long of a life it has… there is probably always ~something to mine for those who really want to keep mining - but who knows how profitable what will be in the future.

Before the Bitcoin Boom in late december GPU mining was lower profit, then the boom seemed to drive up all crypto prices, making it mroe profitable… and then now after the small crash profit is back down… maybe next month they will be back up… never know…

but forsure there are more and more people mining… people are continually building rigs

im continually selling risers for example… so I see people are still building rigs

im still thinking of building another one - just waiting to sell off my 295x2 (they would probably already be sold if i didnt have company the last week and next…)

super profit or low profit, as longas there is a profit ill probably build another rig…

yeah AMD cards seem to be better all-around, but NVidia cards for sure are more efficient with ZEC LBRY and a couple other smaller coins… so i dunno,… ill probably build an NVidia rig in the near future

and waiting on VEGA, ill probably build a vega rig once 490 comes out as its an excuse to get 6 damn expensive kick ass GPUs :stuck_out_tongue: ill just tell my wife its profitable regardless LOL

on a side note - cousin gave me a free Nvidia TITAN Pascal “tester” card :stuck_out_tongue: LOL but I need to replace my router to get that thing up and running all the time… maybe even need another small board to run it…

hmm ok feel much better know, i got a computer for free and i want to make it a secondary mining rig, so i want to buy that r9 295x2 and i have cheap power if i pay and in the next 6 months i can get free power so i would really like to buy it, how many megahashes does it get with you, also i think that you said that you have waterblocks for them too i think if so i would want them too becuase of that pesky 75c temp limit.

also what do you mean by titan x pascal tester, do you mean it was a sample or review card or what, but if you have a titan x pascal then I totally want to buy it.

btw its me from youtube, and my gmail is,

yeah the titan pasc was a sample, i cant sell it, shouldnt even be talking about it lol

ok ill shoot you an email.

1080 ti here, its around 620 sol/s no clocking.

1080 ti 620 sol/c not clocked.

RX480 = ~300 Sol/s via optiminer 1.7

6x Rx 470 (4gb) - 1092 Sol/s - 93 Shares

6 x Gtx 1060 (6gb) - 1552 Sol/s - 49 Shares

GTX has been mining for about an hour longer!!!

Rx 470’s are bios modded for ether but works great on Zcash.
I’m done with ether mining (for good)