Hashrate for R9 290/R9 290x?

Not a lot of info on the current hashrate of these and want to know fully well before buying, If you do have info please state the specs of your rig and the current clock/Mem speed you’re running on.


I had a 290x and it was same speed of 390x on ethereum mining. On zcash, i dont know. very fast card but very hot, take a lot of current. I do not mine zcash with amd. I use nvidia. My amd cards are on ethereum. Buy it if you have a very good price and you what use it for winter :slight_smile:

Yeah i would use Nvidia but i’ve got a limited start up budget therefore amd is the preferred choice, Its a decision over 290/290x or possibly 3 rx 470s

about 300h/s may be able to get a bit more with optimisation.