1060 or RX 470?

I can get 1060's and RX 470's for roughly the same price. The 1060 gives give about 290-300 Sol/s with EWBF's miner. and the 480 gives 255 sols with claymores miner. So i will assume the 470 does a bit less. This doesn't make any sense... i've always heard that amd superior when it comes to mining.

I suppose i should go for the 1060? How is it if zcash fails and i want to change to some other currency is nvdia still good?
Any tips?

Sorry if this question is obvious. I want to make sure i am well informed before i make any purchases. Thanks!
480 source
1060 source

Go with Nvidia ,Zcash is the best coin in the market better than Bitcoin this coin will never die like Gpumining says "Bitcoin revolutionized the currency world,Zcash will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world." i'm totally agree with them


It looks that for zcash algo better is nvidia or just amd developers are lazy (at start amd was better for zcash), if you count better hashrate and lower power consumption then nvidia is the answer, but you have to think what after too, when zcash will stop be profitable what algo you will be able to mine, at least nvidia is easy to resell

That's what i am thinking. Nvidia is easier to resell. Are there any other cryptocurrencyes where nvidia is better than amd?

LBRY? But profitable for now are eth, etc, xmr and zec, and from that only zec

My RX 470's at stock do around 230 sol/s depending on the memory type. This is outdone by my GTX 970 which can hit 250 at times. Zcash seems to favor Nvidia however this may change. Also, pretty much every other currency favors AMD. Don't know which is the better option honestly.

Thanks.. Thats a 70 sol/s diffrence 70 x 6 is 420. 420 sol is quite a bit. acording to a cryptocompares calculator it would be rougly 700$ a year. Thats not pocket change for me. (or for anybody for that matter) What would you do if you were in the same situation? Go with Nvidia and hope zcash stays profitable? Anything that points towards amd miners getting better soon?

Well, claymore has been releasing miners for AMD cards a lot, and I don't think miners for Nvidia are released as often. So by that logic, AMD should catch up to Nvidia in terms of speed. Also with AMD cards you have more security. If Zcash, fails with my 470's I have a handful of other profitable coins I can mine such as ETH, ETC, XMR, etc. I don't think the story is the same for Nvidia. I don't know what I would do in your situation.

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For ZCash good, good chocice is nV GTX 1060 but only 6GB version. From 3GB model You can't squeeze more than 255sol/s.. Only with 6GB You can reach 300sol/s.
My good frienf have 24x gtx 1060 6GB only for ZCash and he iz pretty satisfied. Cooler and faster than RX 4xx series (but only for ZCash!).

My RX480 8GB are getting 285-290 S/s with optiminer latest release v1.3.1.

windows? (20chars...)

No Linux Ubuntu 16.04

I have tested not getting this, stock settings ?

Yes Stock settings on factory over clocked Nitro Sapphire cards (1342Mhz). However, 7 GPU rig is pulling over 1,400 Watts.

However, 2KS/s on each rig is kinda nice. Claymore v10.0 is running ~1800S/s (255-260 S/s on each card) on same rig at 1.33KW. I am having stability issues with both miner software, Claymore is a bit easier to fine tune things but optiminer tends to be more stable out of the box. However, once you have Claymore set up right for your rig it is just as stable as optiminer if not more.

I successfully tested optiminer and i get 280 for RX480 and 390 for R9 Fury, but for the moment I stay on Claymore because fan speed is not so high by default.

1060 for zcash only?
Can I mine on one 470 8bg without additional power?

My recommendation is to buy at least 2 or more cards for the sake of efficiency. To me, and my limited ability, this was the only way I could be profitable straight out of the box. Someday I hope to learn how to memshift, change core clock speed and voltages.