Is Steve Wozniak mining Zcash?

So recently, over at luckpool, I saw this post:

Take a closer look at that address: t1cD15YDU145TQ Woz gaLEU1KtcqZxi6Kiue I mean, c’mon. You see that, right? That’s exactly the right amount of vanity for a vanity address for someone as modest as the Woz.

I know it’s not definitive, but there’s more. This happened at luckpool, a project under the zogpool umbrella of Zcash pools. It’s run by community oriented devs who’ve consistently contributed to the Zcash ecosphere. That’s exactly the sort of pool a gentle genius like Woz would use. He’d know how wise it would be to have pool diversity and would look for solid alternatives to giant multicoin pools, somewhere that would reinvest gains in the community and make his zcash more valuable in the long run.

I rest my case. :apple:

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It’s obviously Woz’s #1 European Girlfriend - I mean look at Woz gaL EU1 - the man gets around …