Zcash, Zclassic, Komodo Mining Pool

NOW supports Zcash, Zclassic & Komodo!

Come Find Blocks with

Introducing the Miner’s Jackpot (Zcash Only)

Miner's Jackpot (Zcash Only), 8% of the block (1 ZEC) is awarded to the block finder.
KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) low fee anonymous Zcash mining pool.
Simple PPLNS, earn your contributed share of the block reward!
Share difficulty starts at 6000 can vary between 128 to 64000 per worker.

Compatible All Miners & Rental Services

Special thanks to @voxelot for starting the pool and passing the baton over.
Special thanks to z-classic team for work on z-nomp!
Special thanks to zcash team for getting me interested in cryptocurrency. just found its 3rd block! Congrats to the lucky miner jackpot winner t1L3Kupv2nnvx46uhtL28FWEuoGDK2ULJj8

The 4th block found, pool avg hash at the moment is 200Ksol!
Congrats to the lucky miner jackpot winner: t1dP4DHbB7reVCoJEBmbW7MxU8Zf3Adj3on

Hi i have never mined any crypto currency before in my life but will will like to use my desktop pc to join your pool and start mining need some help and guidance on how can start. thanks

We are working on the “getting started” section of the website. If you have an AMD GPU or NVIDIA GPU there are instructions available. LuckPool - hush, komodo, zcash, zclassic, zen

We currently do not have instruction for CPU mining, sorry.

It was a very tough block to mine, someone pulled out Thor’s hammer and uncovered the 6th block!

nice to hear that luckpool works @voxelot
Nice work @hellcat, probably i will restart my pool too … :wink:

Oh, no more solo Pool :(((

Is there any trusted solo pool out there ?



The 8th block has been found; congrats: t1YZw9kFn94TtBp3uD9MZ85k7485ca7mrKB for winning the Miner’s Jackpot!

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The 10th block has been found; congrats: t1MTz57scycMXMGVHzngX81AtNdMaMYBmDr for winning the Miner’s Jackpot!

Thank you for mining with! has added support for Zclassic and Komodo

Zcash Pool Fee is 1% + (8% Jackpot Fee)
Komodo Pool Fee is 1% (no jackpot reward)
Zclassic Pool Fee is 1% (no jackpot reward)

We will be updating the home page and getting started page to reflect these changes in the next coming days.

As always, happy hashing! is back after an unexpected outage that started last night.
Measures have been taken to prevent this issue in the future.

In the middle of battle, the pool’s zcash daemon was updated to v1.0.8
Side note, over 170 komodo blocks found in the last couple days.

Happy Hashing! now supports SSL/TLS stratum connections.
Some mining software reduces developer fee’s when using SSL/TLS…

You can view the ports for coins on the getting started page.