Pool- Luckpool.org: Solo Mining Block Rewards

Welcome to Zogpool! Run by very Zcash-loyal developers who have been working for the community since before day one. You can also try solo mining at Luckpool, which offers 100% of the block reward to the miner that finds the winning solution. No shares at Luckpool, it’s all or nothing. Not for the faint of heart. Using these pools supports eXtremal and open source technology. We will make donations to eXtremal as well as continue to support his code base with our developers. These pools are very much a community effort. Instructions on running your own pool can be found here.

http://zogpool.org - Regular stratum pool using PPLNS.

http://luckpool.org - SOLO Mining Reward pool for larger miners or gamblers


update 11/29/16 Added new “Luck” stat to luckpool

update 11/24/16 Introducing www.luckpool.org new solo mining reward pool!

update 11/19/16: First block found #13171 Hash: 0000000112c1b3fd9e0f3d2d9ca9fc5168f2b237868e1d1a5b74de4853d06100 6.582 ZEC

update 11/18/16: Optiminer now works with the pool.


  • Anonymous mining
  • Low 0% fee (1% fee for luckpool supports development)
  • No payout fees
  • PPLNS payouts
  • NA Location (EU coming soon)
  • Full stratum support
  • Accurate hashrate reporting
  • We pay all Mining rewards (Blocks & Fees)
  • Instant payouts
  • Private solo pools Offered (PM me)
  • Customizable minimum payment threshold

I might do private pools as well for anyone interested.

Connect: zogpool.org:3357

Server Location: Canada Beauharnois BHS

Connect: luckpool.org:3357

Server Location: EU

Example: Optiminer

./optiminer -d 0 -d 1 -s zogpool.org:3357 -u t1d1DQciS8AqViH1GqmPhTrky3qLY3ySbrG14.euclid

example Silentarmy

./silentarmy --use 0,1,2,3,4,5 -c stratum+tcp://zogpool.org:3357 -u t1PGgRgVQ14utsD7mp2dzGdykTDFUCKzPQ5

example Nheqminer

./nheqminer -l zogpool.org:3357 -u t1PGgRgVQ14utsD7mp2dzGdykTDFUCKzPQ5

Future Plans:

I would like to work on finishing str4d’s ideas to update p2pool after stabilizing the server this weekend. Updates will be posted here.

Let us know if you have any ideas on how to improve zcash pools!



You probably missed something in your header http://zogpool.org/#!/coin/ZCASH

Yeah webui is all messed up atm. Working on fixing that this weekend

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And I fixed the api so now you can see your worker stats on the webpage.

Our current share stats…

t1MtEJNGAQe2VZ3CWardoYanvHZL1nCeyey: 207057
t1W61KU6pnJcKW6YtKooE1cGmQTBK5u7RSp: 7496
t1bBgVQMfak2LZfCVVk88BGV3Cgu4crE3Ci: 18413
t1d1DQciS8AqViH1GqmPhTrky3qLY3ySbrG: 317129
t1eYeHJKV6Ku9VzadpS8p1LDBeYXqQtRjvw: 95144

Pool solution rate = ~1.25kH/s

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Claymore support and seperate workers?
(20 char)

not sure, we’re all linux miners. But you could test it out for us if you feel liike it.

Multiple worker names like flypool is supported

current pool rate zogpool @ 1332.263 Sol/s

my humble miners http://zogpool.org/#!/coin/ZEC/wallet/t1d1DQciS8AqViH1GqmPhTrky3qLY3ySbrG


Just patched optiminer support thanks to a heads up from @nobody!


./optiminer -d 0 -d 1 -s zogpool.org:3357 -u t1d1DQciS8AqViH1GqmPhTrky3qLY3ySbrG14.euclid

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Just mined our first block at 6.5kH/s, pretty lucky for 1 day of mining :slight_smile:

Gratz everyone!

``13171 0000000112c1b3fd9e0f3d2d9ca9fc5168f2b237868e1d1a5b74de4853d06100 2016-11-19 08:38:02 28 6.586 ZEC t1Q6eJyCbb3T361uGFijR8MdcbFfT4bLWo7`


Congrats!!! @voxelot

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Thanks looking good so far.

Er, strange, it’s only reporting 2 GPU, but I have a total of three GPU running right now.

0% fee?

How do you support the pool then? :hushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nice. I am mining at 394.666 sols/s now. Let’s see what will happen! :slight_smile:

Right now the GPUs report just like a worker. Working on supporting better methods for this. Stats like temp/latency/gpu and such I’m still experimenting with.

I’m also paying all of the payout tx fess too :slight_smile: Just 0% while the pool grows and I work on new features. I might try to calculate fees higher for larger farms as well but fees will always be competitive or less than other pools in the future.


thanks, figured that after the fact…gotta sleep, but for now I’m in with the 3 until I get the other 5 online.

Just successfully paid out all 6.586 ZEC to our participants on finding block 13171. Thanks everyone!

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Can you screenshot an address page here with the stats? (Im mainly interested in seeing the worker stats and how often they are updated)

Not sure what you mean. But you can see my miners workers stats on the link I posted above and how often it updates. Currently this pool software seems more accurate and updates your hash rate within seconds as apposed to a few minutes with other pools

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it’s over 9000!!!