Is there ZCash wallet with encryption feature?

I use a ZCash4Win wallet, but it doesn’t support encryption feature.

Good question…how do we sent and receive with a Z address? ZCash4Win will generate a Zaddress, though.

My understanding is that there’s no difference sending and receiving, procedurally. If you want to send funds from a t-address to a z-address, you can simply by sending them to the correct z-address.

The wallet file wouldn’t be encrypted unless the drive is encrypted. I’m assuming that’s what you’re looking for.

I worry about security. Everybody who can use my computer can transfer my ZCash out. That’s bad.

If the wallet encryption feature had been retained from the Bitcoin source the password of encrypted wallets with z_addresses would be needed to ensure the correct wallet balance as each new block is received.

Your best option for the time being is to have zcashd running on a user account that is exclusively for you and use a guest or other account for everything else.

There isn’t at the moment that I’m aware, you can always manually encrypt the wallet file using 7-zip or similar