Is Z Snark /Z Cash patented?


I am NZMonero, owner of and

I would like to know, is Z Cash patented - more specifically, is the Z Snark technology patented?

I am looking to invest in this coin, but if the Z Snark technology - the main advertised characteristic of this cryptocurrency is not patented and any other new cryptocurrency can use the technology and make a newer, better version of Z Cash, for example, then I may wait to see if there are any further developments in cryptocurrencies that would be better than Z Cash.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy my first post.

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I’m not aware of any patents on any of the ideas used in Zcash or the PHGR13 zk-SNARK proving system (or on any of the ideas for improvement currently described on the zcash/zcash and zcash/zips issue trackers). Personally I think that’s a very good thing.