Is Zcash Usable?

I can’t find any way to access or use my Zcash. I have Zcash in a Z-address and I use Linux. I don’t see myself learning how to use command line actions to send and receive money. And I looked at Trezor but they only support T-addresses which is just as good as Bitcoin so why bother with Z-cash if you’re not using the Z-addresses?

How can I actually use Zcash? Or how can I even sell my Zcash? It’s like I’m stuck with it because I can’t access it.

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Using the command line isn’t exactly hard, but yes, its awkward.

Z-address transactions need more CPU/RAM than a cellphone can provide which is why you haven’t seen mobile wallets yet, however that could change rather quickly after the Sapling update.

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So it sounds like you already did some steps to generate a z-address and receive Zcash. It’s not super difficult to use the command line but it is kind of a steep learning curve.

If you want something else that can handle Z-addresses and has a GUI try WinZEC for Windows:

Once you have it set up you can transfer your ZEC to a new address you generate. But you will still need to use the command line to send from your Linux Node to the new WinZEC Node.

EDIT: You also mentioned selling, there is a list of exchanges that will let you sell and trade at

And a list of vendors that accept Zcash

And even a shop where you can buy Zcash swag with Zcash: