Is ZEC about to die?

Hello guys!

So, what we have this moment. BTC is going back to 2500$ but if u will take a look in a market u will see that BTC-ZEC is about 0.112

And about one week ago (or so) with the same rate on BTC (~ 2.5k $) BTC-ZEC was about 0.135-138.

That’s really sad :frowning:

If the tezos ICO wasn't still active which requires payments in btc or eth, zcash would have likely followed with.
In the meantime reload on some reduced zec and hodl tight :wink:

No, ZEC isn't about to die. But a bunch of people that don't have to mouth the words when they read to themselves did just roll their eyes...


but someone tweeted - yes excuse me, twitter is srs bsns thank you very much - that @zooko had left zcash and joined forces with s/a goldman sachs hft/the eivl nwo and had sold our treasured starks to that 3 comma guy, tim draper which have now been patented.
bruce willis was right all along, "zecs daed baby, zecs daed"

Your post is missing a "/s" :wink:


Wel, let's try again: "Is ZEC about to die?" :slight_smile:

It's interesting how closely the graphs of the other cryptos follow each other, when selecting the last 7 days on the ZEC and Etherium graphs the ups and downs are almost identical

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I would say if i did know anything that it seems that institutional investor break out of the market for regulatory reason. After profiting from the bubble and following the quick expansion of the gov interest in the crypto, they get out securing liquidity position, maybe thanks to the G.Sachs advice about price fall and then indredible up.

Complete nonsense guessing. It's easier to learn who sell arms to which groups than this.

Indeed, the close correlation between ETH and ZEC prices should be a cause for skepticism about any theory of the reasons for price declines (or increases) that is dependent on factors specific to ZEC and not ETH.

(This observation should not be interpreted as financial advice. Correlation is not causation, and there are obviously also factors specific to each cryptocurrency that do affect the price.)


so any usefull ideas, why the price has dropped so hard for last last days/weeks? ZEC has lost more than 50% worth in like 2 - 3 weeks.