Should I transfer pool funds to Jaxx

I was wondering what you guys do and at which quantity ?

Thanks !

Jaxx is not designed to be mined to. They will tell you that.

What I would do is let amounts accumulate in the official wallet and then transfer them to Jaxx.

Why does it matter? What difference does it make if it’s Jaxx or not?

It’s not set up to be a mining wallet. In other words if you are sending a bunch of tiny amounts frequently its not optimized for that and the Jaxx people specifically stated that…


What is considered frequent? Most pools only payout 1-4 times a day.

thansk for such informative posts

Not the pools I’d recommend. I would only mine at pools that pay when you reach a certain payment threshold. Often you can set this. I’d prefer that to being at the whim of a scheduler. But that’s just me. Most Ethereum pools had this model hence the response from Jaxx.

Flypool is operated by the Ethermine - Ethereum (ETH) mining pool people and they use this model too.

I believe that most of them operate with a minimum payout balance + timer. I know that for ETH, NanoPool and DwarfPool both do this.

Two pools I’d avoid. #notafan

Thanks all fir the feedback

I transferred funds from my Zcash wallet in linux to the Jaxx wallet. It has nou been 13 hours and the transaction is not appearing. The money is out of my mining wallet on Linux but has still not arrived in my Jaxx Wallet.