JW Verret's New Book

Our attorney friend and Zcash family member JW Verret is writing a book.

Here’s the idea… We pump the book sales volumes to the friggin’ moon.

Best sellers list.

The Zcash community should choose authors like him, Carissa Véliz, Neil Richards, and others. We should dominate the book sales volumes.

Put these authors on the moon.

It’ll be a creative way to gain exposure for the ‘Privacy is a Human Right’ cause.

We will probably need between 5000-10000 book sales in a week to make them best sellers.
Too much to ask?

Rotate between authors on a weekly basis to keep “Privacy” or “Data” or “Freedom” books at the top of the best sellers list.

If purchases are made via Flexa it could also be ‘discovered’ the books sales are pumped via Zcash.
Gaining exposure for Zcash as well.

Silly idea. But sounds fun if the community commits.


JW Verret just launched a non-profit dedicated to fighting for the rights of crypto users and builders that are being threatened by government regulation. You can donate with Zcash

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We should definitely pump his book.

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