Kworks for ZCG (December 2023)

New ZCG Energy

Hi Zcash Community, I’ve been involved for the last five years in this community. I’ve participated in many lanes of zcash. I am building a pure zcash business in Canada (zecweb dot com). I want to bring a different type of energy to ZCG, focused on real world solutions which are needed now!
I welcome all and any questions.

Lower the cost for humans in electronic economic development using the zcash blockchain.

Build bridges to the none crypto communities.
Get medium size business to accept zec.
Transacting zec on the public zcash blockchain remains legal.
Build public and private infrastructure for zec and the zcash blockchain.
Let users decide how and where they want to use zec.

Action Plan:
Primary markets I will focus on are Canada & Germany.
Encourage economic minority groups to use the zcash blockchain.
Encourage data sets of using zec for electronic payments to lower the cost of doing business.
Encourage main street retail business to accept zec.
Encourage a pure zebra project.
Encourage a network ip solution.
Write on behalf of ZCG for fair legal frameworks.

Deliverables to the Zcash Community:
Attend twelve live events to promote ZCG in regional business development groups, cultural conferences.
Sign-up 100 new members to
Have 50 new individuals apply to ZCG.
Write four news update articles with communities of greater than one thousand members.
Conduct two live video web events for ZCG on different methods to get using zec.
Publish in a user friendly manner the operational costs ZCG.
Help bridge ZCG approved projects to other ZCG approved projects.
Invite the legal community to help publish regional points of data to help lower barriers to zec.

Good Luck to everyone!