Lawsuit Claims Bitmain Mine Coins Using Customer Devices


Key points appear to be 29-32:

One lawyers opinion:


I have readed that some days ago and wondered a bit about it.

One thing that for sure is true is point 32, that’s what i encounter as well. Means, when you use the asic unig for the first time or reset it due some malfunction completly to factory settings you have 3 bitmain mining pools setuped where the unit is mining UNTIL you change this.

For me personally this was never a problem for 3 reasons:
1.) Once you put the asic miner on the first time (or after reset) you have to do is anyway the network settings and restart the miner.
2.) After this you immediatly see if the miner, hashboards and chips are working as, like mentioned in point 32, the miner allready begun to mine on Antpool for Bitmain. The next step in the setup process is than to replace the default factory mining pools with your own stratum links and settings.
3.) Most of my asics have a problem if there is no defined mining pool and/or death pool given. This, for some reason, seem cause problems with asics and they get stuck, often needed to be reset/restarted again when this happens.

The 2 process needed to setup the asic take about (up to the asic) btw. ~5-15 minutes in which the asic unit mines on Antpool for Bitmain. I personally never saw a problem here as i anyway can’t mine for myself until i have gone through the setupp process.

Point 29 with the initialization process taking hours or even days is absolutly nonsens in my opinion.

Just writting and commenting this on my own experience, neither defending nor accusing bitmain of anything here.


There is so much noise and other type about Bitmain! one thing is for sure the communities should be ashamed for their language use and pure fantasy world they live in. Obviously there is a complete KAOS at the manufacturing site, the technology is brand new and needs testing!

the equipment might not be treated against dust, the facility might not be on par with other standards like Samsung and Apple etc.

That Bitmain would use the devices to mine after the customers has paid is absolutely ridiculous! I think the have more than full time on their hands connecting and testing the devices before shipment.

from someone who used to run a technology company, I realise that just the boxing of the equipment and use of tape to seal the boxes before shipment created so much dust it blocks your ears, eyes yes everything!

these days you can sue anyone for anything, its an weird way to go about your life. when I don’t get my way I just take you to court!

Bitmain need to slow down and start refining their processes and methods.

honestly I think they just don’t have the resources and especially the time!

everything takes time…

They had upto 2 months of wait times or more on some units. If you had money printing machines, and were waiting weeks for more before you ship the batch out, wouldnt you “test” them while you finished the batch?

I think most businesses would run the money printing device while its in their possession, you know for “testing”. There has been many people with pictures and posts showing new units with atleast a few weeks of dust on the fans and inner parts of the ASICs, this isnt just from packaging type of dust, its caked on from the fans blowing type of dust.

Sure. I don’t see that happening! It’s so many devices just to test I think they are doing it all in prefabbed containers. Maybe they leave them for a day or two testing. Imagine the actual scale of this operation.

It’s millions of devices being handled and distributed. It takes months to have delivery :truck: testing and reboxing, accounting, and every other task. Talk about scale! All whilst people keep ordering more and more, first once a day, once an hour, once a minute and then per second.

That Jihan or Bitmain somehow would be running a, sell and use customer hardware operation is absolutely peculiar and beyond fantasy.

It’s not a book store. The machines are heavy pieces! He barley have enough electric :zap: for testing the freakin things.

But im sure they wouldnt use miners that have already been pre-ordered…

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