Let's talk about Exchanges

I was wondering this myself too.

It was my understanding that Gemini has required fees for maker or taker below a certain trade volume whereas at Coinbase (gdax) the taker always pays the fee. Maybe I’ll need to revisit this and see if it has changed.

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On gdax I believe limit buying is actually free of charge (0%)

Cex.io doesn’t allow withdrawels less than 1k $ . Shit


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Maybe of interest for our canadian forum members. Never used this exchange …

@Zooko, @daira

any chance ZEC gets listed on Tradeogre? I know, it’s a small exchange but it’s one without KYC needed that has a lot of privacy coins in it’s portfolio. And for it’s size and one of the view without KYC it’s a pretty damn good one.

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Seems like a new “exchange” gets opened every week…


Good List of exchanges which let’s you choose given parameters like hacked bevor, decentralized, origin, fees, payment options and whatever not other details …



Next week we’ll list Zcash on the easy-to-use Blockport exchange with low fees! https://blockport.io/

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

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Data! A report on exchanges exchanging
Its a pdf

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We’ve listed Zcash on the easy-to-use Blockport exchange with low fees!

For all of you who like a fiat gateway with low fees, we’ve just listed Zcash on the Blockport exchange. Within 5 minutes you’re able to create an account, deposit money, and buy your Zcash on our platform. Next to that, we only ask for a 0,3% trading fee with no spread (0,15% when using BPT’s utility).

Please try out our platform and share us your experience.

More info:


The Binance page and login isn’t loading for me, anybody else having this problem or is it just me?

it is working for me.

Some interesting Exchange Stats:

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Please I tried to transfer my Zcash token into an exchange but the receiving address in the exchange is not an ERC 20 address.
And imtoken cannot transfer tokens to an address that is not an ERC token address.
Please help