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@Hadiza Zcash is not an ERC20 token. It is a independent chain like Bitcoin, and ERC20 address is not compatible. If you have a “Zcash ERC20 token” then it is fake.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have heard of a Zcash token, you can see one here: https://etherscan.io/token/0xbc39df3875e3e8df6f5b4939dc5ab1a82c14c530

And there are many others you can find: https://etherscan.io/search?q=Zcash

None of those are real, and are scams designed to fool users into trading real Ethereum for a worthless “Zcash” token


Ok, i still have the Binance problem not being able to load the site and to login.

Short overview of things tested so far, maybe someone has an idea what’s happening:

  • binance.com not loading from my main PC
  • binance.com not loading from my laptop
  • tried to load it from my office as i have there a static IP, doesn’t load, same thing.
  • Tried through my cell phone with mobil data, worked, can load and login.
  • Asked my friend, same ISP than me to check from his PC, loads than immediatly disapears bevor fully loaded.
  • Asked my friend, different ISP than me to check from his PC, doesn’t load.
  • My friend tried it on his cell phone. Doesn’t load binance.com
  • Called the local boss of my ISP and he said he has no problems to load binance.com
  • checked of course all my PC, laptops for trojans, viruses, whatever, nothing.
  • Funds are there, checked through the cell phone which works so far at least.
  • Downloaded the binance app on my PC, doesn’t load the login either …

What the hell could be the problem???


Try deleting all binance cookies, restart browser & try again… just a guess.


Didn’t even mention this as it’s the first thing i do beside the weekly deleting of all cookies.

However, i wasn’'t able to access binance for 5 days, wrote this topic and was able to login absolutly normally…
Somehow strange …:thinking:


Good sign by Binance…


Forget it. i was able to login ones normally when i wrote this post. Now, same again, page doesn’t load, can’t login. There must be reason behind that. So still considering any ideas and approaches to fix this somehow…

I have 0 problems with Poloniex, Cryptopia, Bittrex and 20 other exchanges i use, just that damn Binance…

Here a screenshot how it looks like, maybe it helps: (Last screenshot from Binance app after typing in my login)



just tried again and it is working for me.
I guess you already tried different browsers?


Yes, tried so far:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge


you forgot the IE :joy: just kidding… :thinking:

tried via a VPN maybe?


Damn, downloaded Hotspot Shield, and it … works. Opens perfectly Binance.
Using: Browsing from USA.
So what is the issue?


Ok, this raises another problem, some of the other exchanges deny access now, lol. I fixed one, messed up others. There must be a simple solution of all that mess, not?

From my online electroneum wallet, lol:


ehm ok, try other countries from where you browse. I have no issue connecting from Switzerland


When i disable the VPN and reload the balances page on Binance i get this again. There must be a reason why this happens from time to time but not always. As said, last night i was able to login normally, no matter it was the only time for 6 days now, lol.


Looks like site/content blocking in play here, Binance page cant load all its elements - works sometimes if the things it needs are cached.

The VPN gets around that, but then other exchanges are blocking the VPN exit address.


ok, but what’s causing this site/content blocking? And why only Binance?


Could be anything on the route from you to Binance…hard to tell.

On Linux, set up your vpn with no default route then iptables forwarding rules so all outbound traffic for Binance goes via vpn. Its an ugly hack but all I can think of at the moment.


ok, got some messages from my ISP, strange story:

They told me that Binance had blocked the IP’s that come from my small city i live. Reason, someone here (in my city) is trying continously to hack/attack them somehow. My ISP didn’t tell me exactly what how why, only that much. They said they fixed the problem and indeed, it works perfectly now.

Strange story somehow … :thinking:


interesting city over there :smiley:


Binance has been doing a lot of shady things lately and its driving a lot of users out with their new KYC that is kicking out users that were already verified just because they are from certain countries, mine included.

My guess is their volume will decrease significantly.


What level had you been verified? I’am Level 2 and don’t get/got this one…