Let's talk about Exchanges

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Looking for some new exchanges, have something on my mind, will see how it will go

I wonder if they named it Arwen because Elrond was already taken. :grin:

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The hackening…

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for me, Kraken is the most convenient one, but unfortunately, there’s no opportunity to connect some currencies I want to trade with, I keep an eye on one exchange with debit cards

Coinbase offers now instant withdrawals to paypal accounts…

I prefer gemini,using it for a long time and im still satisfied

Gee whiz stable coins are the best!

so many options, does anyone know where I can purchase with a credit card?

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Breaking: Major Crypto Brokerage Coinmama Hacked, 450,000 Users Affected in Massive Worldwide Breach

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Just sharing some experience on crypto-bridge. Just avoid that exchange …

One of the worst exchanges i have seen so far when it comes to easyness and user friendlyness.

  • you can all the time disconnected from the node where you run this exchange. Needs a lot of time for reload and waiting but that’s just a minor issue at all compared to the others.

  • made an order, after some time i wanted to correct it and adjust the price for the order. Couldn’t believe you have to PAY to cancel an order, amazing. Not only this but you have to pay the fee in BTS which i didn’t have. As ALL my funds have been in the order i was left without fees for paying the cancel fee, lol.
    After wasting some 2 hours on reading 100’s of posts of users with the same problem i got on their discord channel where you deal with a indeed perfect bot which is indeed helpfull. You have to type some commands and get send the BTS fee needed for free. At least this. You can use that bot once per 6 hours.

  • Ok, canceled my order and tried to put another order, direct buy this time to avoid any canceling afterwards, lol. Now what. Funds not enough to pay the exchange order fee. For some reason this time i couldn’t use my whole amount and the fee isn’t deducted automaticly. You must make it by hand and leave enough BTC funds to have the fee paid from the remaining balance. Ok, took my about 5 minutes to figure out the fee and how much to leave untouched. Could place the order than.

  • Now after finishing the order and bought a coin i want to test it’s time for the withdraw. Wow, again, 2 fees. One in BTC for wanting to withdraw and 1 fee in the currency you actually withdraw for the network. Absolutly lucky i have left enough BTC untouched to avoid again a problem on canceling, bidding, whatever. A small one but right enough to pay for the withdraw tax, lol. I was able by luck to withdraw the amount.

  • 2 hours later, still nothing processed, the withdraw just stays there unprocessed without even any remarks if it’s in the process or whatever, just an empty field. Nothing arrived of course.

  • And as a bonus, after each reload of the page you have to login again, no matter i have choosen other under settings so i don’t get logged out every 60 seconds or whatever the original amount of seconds was. Just doesn’t work. You get literally loged out everytime you click or reload whatever.

Conclusion: No idea how this exchanged survived so far. It’s the worst exchange experience i have enountered so far, expect hack exchanges of course.

I’ve checked it! Thanks for the info, bro!

Why a Binance DEX could be a game changer


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